In the attic with BOZ VIZ

We had the pleasure of Sara Lopez (Boz Viz) creating for us a visual interpretation of her attic, a beautiful animation demonstrating the vulnerability we feel when faced with the idea of intimacy. Sara creates incredible digital art and 3D animation. She has created music videos, magazine covers and promotional videos. What we grasp the most from Sara’s work though is the intimacy and emotion in it, especially in her latest project ‘Lockdown poetry’ which doesnt just bring people’s words to life, but also embodies the emotions behind them. We’re excited to flip the tables now and get inside her attic to see what inspires this artist.

What is your attics physical form?

My attic is a hand which does not seem part of this physical world. Yet it still seems to imitate the movements and reflexes that we are used to. This hand is mimicking the lack of intimacy felt through the lockdown period.

What are the thoughts in your attic?

I suppose it’s a manifestation of the consensus of so many that are being separated from their friends and loved ones. A yearning for intimacy is something that makes us human, however the piece touches upon ideas of the destructive nature of becoming this vulnerable and this reliant on someone else's presence.

How do these thoughts translate into and inspire your artform?

The piece itself was random in its creation. I recorded a conversation I was having with my friend, and I began to wonder how this abstract notion could be interpreted into 3D. Hands became the obvious answer.

What or who is hiding under your bed?
A sack of mouldy doritos and unfinished projects.

The year is 2050, big brother rules us as a totalitarian state; what are the thought police arresting you for thinking?

The police have finally found my thriving anonymous blog “stay woke stay stoked”, where I discuss anti-capitalist structures are the only way humans may come to better understand themselves and rid themselves of the chains imposed by the powers that be.