In the attic with GFOTY

We caught up with GFOTY after our show together in Leeds. She tells us off boyfriends and private islands past and lets us in on a LOT of secrets on how to be the one and only girlfriend, not that it couild ever be anyone but her...

Please tell us - how does one become a girlfriend?

In order to become a girlfriend you basically need to look as good on the outside as you do on the inside. In order to do that you basically have to do as many squats, push ups and press ups as humanly possible. By doing that not only will you look so sexy on the outside but its gonna release loads of endorphines into your body to make you know that you look amazing. Then basically leave the house and everyones gonna wanna go out with you cos youre so damn sexy at that means relationships are limitless.

What makes you the girlfriend of the year?

I mean I am just girlfriend of the year I dont think I need to explain much more

Do you think your in the running for girlfriend of the decade?

I’m totally in the running for girlfriend of the decade I mean there isnt anyone else in the running because I am the only girlfriend of the year but good luck to everyone who tries and I hope you all succeed to some degree but I mean I will win

What would you have to do to win the century?

I just need to stay alive for 100 years, thats it really

Can you talk to us about the attic event!

The attic event was fuckin fun, it was the first club night I’d been back to since Corona and I couldn’t imagine a better event to have gone to to start it off. First of all Leeds is sick, second of all the Leeds accent is sick, third of all everyone at the venue was sick. Everyone was dressed amazing and it was just fuckin fun. i couldn’t imagine anything better to be honest.

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part was after I finished performing so I could let my hair down and meet everyone and dance a bit and drink some vodka red bulls

Talk us through the curation of the wigs and fish heads...

Femmidorm’s all about fish and cool wigs and sexy hunks and lots of muscles. Obviously there were loads of sexy hunks at the event so I didn’t need to take them with me.

You had a film crew with you to film you as the subject for a PC music documentary - why do you think PC music still hasn't completely landed as much in the UK as it has in the US?

That question’s too deep for me I’m not a very deep person. I guess America’s bigger so there’s more people there to like cool music

Ski resort or private island?

Very good question. To be honest if there was a ski resort on a private island that would be the best. I did date an Austrian hottelier when I was like 24 and he practically owned a ski resort. It was good I pretty much had whatever I want, loads of pink champagne facials and apres ski. 

Take us through a typical day in femmidorm....

A typical day in femmidorm starts with getting woken up by the sexiest alarm clock you can ever imagine, it’s a man. Anyway after the man wakes you up you go to the breakfast buffet and eat loads and loads of pancakes, maybe an omlette, a pina colada and loads of bacon and its just fuckin amazing. You will have a croissant, you always need a croissant. Then you go to the pool where you have a little swim and a 3 hour sunbathe to get a really good tan for some kareoke that’s happening at lunch time. At lunch time you eat some sushi, have another pina colada then do your favourite song on kareoke, probably a gfoty song. Could be Copa Cobana by Barry Manilow as well, I really like that song. After you do that you go on a jet ski, meet a few hunks and probably make out with someone. After that you go back to your hotel room, have some prosecco and another pina colada whilst getting ready for the party of your lifetime. You go to the party, make out with another guy. Turns out he wants to marry you and you want to marry him. You go get married in a chapel somewhere, then you go back to your hotel where you bang the night away. Then you wake up and do it all again the next day with another guy and another pina colada.

“A typical day in femmidorm starts with getting woken up by the sexiest alarm clock you can ever imagine, It’s a man.”

What is your ‘attics’ physical form?

Quite literally my attic is an infinity pool shaped like my brain

What are the thoughts in your attic? 

To be honest I’ve learnt to breathe them away. But usually they are have I made the right choice of boyfriend, am I going to be able to go to 5 star hotels with the boyfriend I’ve chosen. If I leave him am I gonna find someone who will take me to a 5 star hotel so should I stay with him?

How do your more abstract and masked/secret ideas influence your creative processes?

I’m quite literal, all of the thoughts in my head I act upon in my work. Everything is a heightened version of oneself, I guess I influence myself to some degree.

What/who is hiding under your bed(s)?

Years and years of GFOTYS gone by. This is actually true because the draws under my bed are full of absolute trash from every single GFOTY show. So theres a lot of haunted demons from the ghosts of GFOTYs past

You are in Harrods, what are the three items in your shopping bag at all times (that you’re obviously not paying for) xoxo

A fantastic question, obviously I would never pay for myself. There are these gold salt and pepper shamers thst I’ve had my eyes on for a very long time. I guess it would be nice to have a Rolex watch, I’d probably never wear it because they’re not very nice but I guess it’d be cool to say you had one. Finally they havent got the pet section anymore but they used to have this gold throne for a dog, I haven’t got a dog but I’d get that.