GLOR1A is a rising cosmic star having supported the likes of Eartheater and bbyutha  with touring shows in Berlin and London.
She has recently released new EP ‘METAL REBOOT$D’ (which you can listen to here). A blur of Balle funk, Amapiano, ambient IDM, 180 BPM and emotive Latin Pop with the proceeds going to help sistah space 


Can you please tell us about yourself (where u based, national insurance number, favourite flower etc)

NI 555 auf FU

How did you get started with music ?

You know that's a hard question; I think it's when I was a kid jumping around in Saturday stage school or after I had finished uni for a couple of years when I wasn't partying so much and could actually sing for a minute (wine isn't my throats best friend)!

I have always wanted to be a music artist since but im not from a rich family so being an artist wasn't really on the cards. When I was older, some of my friends worked in music, heard me sing in the house, and started to hook me up with producers they knew. I ended up singing toplines for house music for a while but i didn't find it fulfilling. I wasnt able to explore my sound of identity, I needed something else. I met Gaika in 2017, when i was looking to quit music, he gave me a lots of beats which I just sat with, i started working closely with Gaikas friends and producer duo AARTT, we created Testify, my first EP. A labour of love, especially from AARTT and im eternally grateful for them helping start to find my voice.

Is there something physical you represent with the more experimental R&B Sound that you represent?

Hmm good question - i feel like its more metaphysical. I love transcending space with my voice into a location unknown

How would you describe your style?

I woke up this year and thought to myself what is my style? I landed on alien punk so i'm sticking with it haha.

Do you think it is an individual or collective experience - eg does your style represent you or a particular subculture / ode to culture?

I think it's a mash-up of early noughties Hype Williams vibes mixed with Destiny's Child and Kelis and the queen Grace Jones and my androgynous grunge alter ego. Like, it's less trying to be a subculture, more trying to emulate the 10-year-old GLOR1A who wanted to be a star and is now kinda lost along the way in a distant galaxy somewhere.

You work with a lot of amazing visual artists - what's the importance to you of conveying your work through visual art?

Im a story teller; building the world through song and performance and visual play is so important to that, i adore the people i work with who get me  and help me create universes from postcard ideas

Tell us about SWARM!

It's a journey into my psyche, bringing others along for the ride. I want to create a game space for queer people to meet, connect and find new creative influences. Im on a journey with it, along with the fab designer alpha rats, to create something unseen but also needed in the web3 space.

What do people look like in this new future- do you get to re pick your physical representation or are we just matter? 

I cant answer that question as I would hate to play god. But what would you like to look like? Do you imagine a body to be restrictive in the future? Or do we need something like skin to enable us to feel connected? Im not sure, but now im questioning.

GLOR1A embodies ‘etherial feminine energy’ and an experimental R&B sound and uses her voice to promote the very best in alien punk in so many forms

The year is 2054 - how has the power been disrupted, is there some sort of overlord or is there anarchy?

Total submission - unfortunately. Nothing has changed, this may sound pessimist, but people couldn't stop buying shit. So the world ended as we know it, (cry face emoji)

What will your robot specialise in the future?

Giving the best head (HAHA), I joke. My robot is fantastic and scanning and creating replicas of faces, kind of like deep fake in real time. Spooky.

Favourite place to write lyrics?

It really depends. Im in the studio a lot at the moment, and it's fun because i stay focused, but, I really love writing lyrics in my head, walking around, recording little snippets on my phone and if I remember them in future, i know its a sticky idea. My phone is basically a graveyard of lyrics, haha

If you had an island made out of your dreams what would it sound like?

A really deep orgasm

Top nights you've been to in the UK?

This is hard. Ive been working too much! But I want to check out Sex and Rage, Howl, Club Yeke, Bempahs night, Big Dyke energy, Chapter 10 - oh and I vibe adonis. The list goes on!

You have a single coming out, whats the inspiration behind it?

Metal Reboot$d  is a remix ep by 5 incredible femme producers from across the world to raise money for Sistah Space, a London based domestic abuse and sexual violence charity that helps women of African descent in times of need. I want to raise £500 with this project to help them provide some short term safe housing for women. The project is up now on Bandcamp, go buy it and get dancing!

New new music dropping after summer, im cooking darlings im cookin!

What is your ‘attics’ physical form?

A spiders web

What are the thoughts in your attic? / if any

That they are following and testing me. Also, I know what im afraid of and need to overcome. Spiders seem to be a constant reminder of that.

How do your more abstract and masked/secret ideas influence your creative processes?

I sing from the heart and hips, so spiders are now creeping into my tracks haha

What/who is hiding under your bed(s)?