In the attic with Daddy Bears

We get into the attic with soft sculpture artist Daddy Bears n discuss the inspiration behind the hot girl plush toys

Can you tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m a soft sculpture artist creating cute shiny creatures and objects in London.

What is daddy bears for those who do not know?

Daddy Bears is my name for everything that i do in terms of art hehe

What drew you to first start creating these creatures?

I wanted something to exist as a cute fun transitional object

Do you ever fear for a rivaling mummy bear who will try to take custody of all your silk creatures?

Lol no

Does each creature get made with a personality? - things they love/hate/vow to destroy

Some definitely are born with distinct character traits if you look in their eyes but most are smooth brain empty like moi

What shapes most inspire you in the universe? 

As much as im not really interested in nature and plants, i do end up taking a lot of inspiration from the shapes and natural curves of leaves and flowers and waves

Describe the characteristics of the daddy bear target audience

Cute hot sexy evil rat girls

If you had to create without fabric what would you use?


Is there anyone you would you love to make into a plush toy?

Glenda the Good Witch

Any theme ideas for your next collection?


What 3 everyday objects would you remake out of satin?

A Mirror, a wardrobe, a bin

3 essential hot girl items?

Lip balm, needles, tiny puppy

Whats the largest scale daddy bears creation youve ever made?

Giant Clam shell for @50mlondon

What is your ‘attics’ physical form?


What are the thoughts in your attic? 

Smooth brain empty x

How do your more abstract and masked/secret ideas influence your creative processes?

That would be telling hehe

What/who is hiding under your stuffed silk bed(s)?

TY Beanie Babies

The year is 2050, soft toys have taken over the planet and you are their overlord. What do you and the bears do with your new found power?

We would rebuild the playboy mansion on top of the whitehouse and make everyone drink starbucks forever