In the attic with FAG MAG 

We caught up with Central St Martins graduate and creator/editor of Fagmag Bailey Slater who takes us on a spiritual journey through the rhinestone encrusted motorola universe of all things Y2kkkkkkkkkk. Join us as we ignore the collapsing world around us and its mundane questions of purpose and death and instead explore the real truth -Jodie Marshes studded belt outfit

What is so much better about life in the noughties?

I’ve been thinking about this more and more lately, I don’t know if it’s because I was a kid so everything was really just so much easier, but there seemed to be SO much exuberance, and definitely a lot more hope for the future. The fashion was absolutely knock out, the concept of celebrity was massively redefining itself, the music was TOOOOOO major (back when buying records actually mattered!). There’s just a sexy charm to life back then…

Why are we having such a noughties renaissance?

I think people are completely over the ‘now’. Like, the world’s on the brink of collapse, the UK is a sinking ship of missed opportunities and tory corruption, things are just fucking grim really. It’s so much easier to the good times and indulge in all that nostalgia than face the future we’ve been dealt. But I’m sure the early 2010’s will be back soon enough…

Do you think we’ve lost that fabulousness now or will people look back at these days in the future like we are reminiscing about the noughties now?

Most definitely. But then you get people like Lil Nas X coming through the cracks, totally wanting to overhaul the now and really push things forward. I think Gen Z in particular will look back fondly on these past few years in terms of the strides we’ve made in representing queer life on TV,

Are there any current celebs as iconic as they were then?

Oof. Kylie Minogue is always gonna be an icon, but when has she not been? I guess in terms of specifically 00s babes, the Nicole Richie’s and Lindsay Lohan’s and the Sugababes of the world will always hold a special place in the hearts of us all – especially Katie Price.

Favourite ever music video?

This is so hard, I’m definitely going to forget a goodun’. I’m gonna have to say it’s a toss-up between Girls Aloud’s ‘The Show’ and Madonna’s ‘Music’.

Madonna or Kylie?

Me and my boyfriend have this debate all the time, I just couldn’t possibly choose!

Pick a phone: razr, blackberry, LG cookie?


Do you think there has been a drive in independent publishing with more people getting involved in small scales zines - can we take power away from the sun?

Oh definitely! I think as much as people say print is dying (which like yeah compared to the eighties/nineties when the news wasn’t AS accessible, they’re right), there’s still a hunger for the IRL, and small scale things like this. Part of it might be wanting to support small business, but the other half is people appreciating the amount of work it takes to drum these small scale projects together, niche might not sell a lot, but if you’re connecting with even just a few people over your shared interests in art/fashion/music/whatever, I think that’s a huge achievement.

Favourite noughties tabloid headline?

Nothing hits like Britney+Paris+Lindsay’s Bimbo Summit.

Favourite fashion trend of the 00s?
Visible thongs - especially on the fellas

Why is fag mag important to all the gays n girls who lived through the noughties, is there a kind of nostalgia?

I guess that’s not up for me to decide, but nostalgia definitely plays a huge part in it all. My own intention was to just make people smile and indulge in something that’s silly AND sexy.

If one item has to be rhinestoned at all times what would it have to be?

Death certificates and inhalers!

What are your goals for fag mag? Where do you want it to go?

I 10000000% want to do a club night for each launch, and really hone in on the musical side of things. I’d also love to tour schools and help people make their own zines, be it on their sexual identity or their favourite popstar. Especially with so much funding to the arts being cut, I just think it would be nice to remind people that university or getting a job as soon as you leave school aren’t the only options you have.

Ooh! And a little merch line of actually nice tshirts and sexy custom jeans would be fab, but that’s an endeavour for another day…

What is your ‘attics’ physical form?

You know those artworks Charli XCX did for her singles era (Focus, Girls Night Out)? Definitely like a cavernous vibe with humongous drops of silicone slime in a dirty hot pink mixed with an old banged up pink Cadillac parked up in the corner and a fat ass disco ball hanging from the ceiling. There would also be a dancefloor.

What are the thoughts in your attic?

I have one brain cell… there are none. Only yolking! Definitely your standard “Am I in my flop era?” type of vibes, also dying before my time, my bald spot being so bad that I have to shave all my hair off before 25, all of that jazz.

How do your more abstract and masked/secret ideas influence your creative processes?

I’d like to think an undercurrent of sexiness and humour runs though everything I do, and I guess a pretty strong aversion to authority helps me take things ‘there’ so to speak. Like, if there’s one thing all my friends would say about me it’s that I really do love pushing peoples buttons as far as I can.

What/who is hiding under your bed(s)?

Mutya Buena, a camping chair, my near inability to bottom and the straight one from Steps.

The year is 2050, aliens have invaded and you can recreate one noughties look to convince them to spare your life - what are you wearing?

HAS to be those three studded belts Jodie Marsh fashioned into a mini-mini skirt and nipple covering bandeau, respectively.